If You Thought Losing Weight Had to be All About Hard Work and Hunger … Think Again.
Our method teaches how you can drop pounds safely AND sustainably without hours of exercise or giving up their favourite foods. And it’s all for FREE.
The Fitness Flex Bootcamp That Gives You Faster, Easier, AND Better Results Than Any Other Fitness Classes...GUARANTEED!!
Join the Fitness Flex Bootcamp Trial Today for FREE and get Instant Access To: 
  • 7 Day FREE Trial: Attend 2, 3 or 5 or our Bootcamp, Boxcamp, Yoga or P90X sessions with NO obligations of signing up after the 7 Days 
  •  Nutritional Support & Advice: Do you struggle with your diet? Not sure if you are eating the right food or enough food? We will show you how we have helped 400+ members to lose weight by making some small changes to their diet
  •  Comfortable & Supportive Atmosphere: We are NOT a Military Bootcamp. Our Trainers and Members will support you throughout your FREE Trial and you will feel part of the Fitness Flex Family
  •  Lose Lbs: By exercising and changing your diet you can lose Lbs in just 7 Days
  •  Have FUN: We are all about working out and having FUN at the same time! 
  •  All Fitness Levels: We cater for all Fitness Levels so don't worry if your getting back into exercise we will be there to support you every step of the way
  •  Expert Trainers: We have expert trainers who all bring something different to each of the sessions. They will Inspire and Motivate you to achieve your goals
There are absolutely NO catches. We won’t pull any sales tactics and it’s not even one of those - ‘Pay now, and get your money back if you’re not satisfied’ kinda deals.

We just want you to come along for a week, experience how much weight you can lose and how much fun you can have in the company of likeminded people and expert trainers who are there to motivate, encourage and inspire you.

At the end of the week, if you want to become a client, we’d love to have you. Likewise, if it’s not for you, that’s fine too.

There really is NO CATCH. So what do you have to lose?

Are YOU Ready To Regain Your Health, Boost Your Fitness And Loose up to 3Lb in 7 Days?
Fitness Flex Bootcamp Top 10. 
Still on the fence? Then take a read of the following FAQs, and see if losing weight quickly, easily and enjoyably, without paying a single penny is for you:
1. I've not exercised for years - is it for me? 
YES.... We cater for all Fitness Levels, so don't worry if your getting back into exercise we will be there to support you every step of the way.

2. I’ve been to bootcamps before and the instructors just shouted and yelled. Is that what you guys do? 
NO... We are not a Military style Bootcamp. All our instructors are qualified Personal Trainers we focus on Body Transformation and supporting our members to reach their goals in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. 

3. How many times to I have to come? Is it every day for 7 days? 
You can choose from either 2, 3 or 5 sessions in a 1 week period, what every you think you are ready for. 

4. I’ve got an injury - will I still be able to train? 
Of course, before your FREE trial you will be asked to fill out a short Fitness Questionnaire. If you have specific injuries then the trainer will provide you with alternate exercises to ensure you still get a good workout without causing any additional pain or damage to your injury. 

5. What kind of training is it? 
Sessions are 45 minutes long and can consist of circuits, body weight exercises, cardio, strength and conditioning... plus much more. Sessions are varied so you will never have the same workout in the same week. 

6. Is this just designed as a way to get paying members? 
YES, it is designed to get people involved, but reiterate that there’s no pressure to join. Our value at Fitness Flex is to support our members to achieve 'The body of their life, having the time of their life!'

7. What kind of results can I expect in 7 days? 
If you stick to the nutritional advice & attend the free trial then you can expect to loose several lbs in just a 1 week period. 

8. I’m nervous I’ll fall behind. Do you promise that it’s suitable for all levels? 
100% it is not a competitive Bootcamp. Our trainer and members have created a supportive environment so you only work as hard as you can. 

9. What happens if I miss a day or two? 
Having a day rest between sessions is recommended, you have the opportunity to attend up to 5 sessions over a week so you have a variety of days and times to choose from. 

10. You mentioned you have different expert trainers. How does that work? 
We like to ensure that our members get a variety of different workouts. We have trainers scheduled to take different sessions throughout the week, to mix it up. 
Once You Sign Up, Here’s What Happens …
You will receive an email from us to schedule in your days and times. All you have to do is respond to that email and we will get you book in to start your FREE Trial. 
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